The 6-axes numerically controlled TWIN.JET machining center, in its standard version, is equipped with 2 independent working stations with automatic hopper feeders that allow carrying out loading/unloading operations in masked time (no machine stop between one machining cycle and the next).

The TWIN.JET machining center can perform a variety of machining operations, such as:

  • Tenoning / Finger Jointing / Boring
  • Mortising/ Milling/ 4/5 axes profiling.

Technical data

Interpolated axes

N. 6

Longitudinal X axis

3,400 mm

Transversal Y axis

1,300 mm

Vertical Z axis

650 mm

A axis


C axis


Max. sect. for manually blocked pieces

250 x 100 mm (or more on request)

Max. sect. for manual load pieces

150x60 mm (or more on request)

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