STREAM.ELITE is an automatic horizontal band saw to cut parquet lamellas, elements for packaging, matchboard and laminated veneer. Operating management of STREAM.ELITE by means of a touch screen panel that is easily programmable by the operator.

Technical data

Maximum cutting width

400 mm (620mm optional)

Minimum piece length

400 mm

Maximum cutting height

100 mm / 200 mm optional

Piece height

5 – 150mm

Main motor

18.5 KW / 30 KW optional

Blade tensioning

Automatic servo-hydraulic

Feeding speed

Continuous (max. 25m/min)**

Cutting speed

Continuous (max 50m/sec)**

Blade width

54 mm (62 mm optional)

Conveyor forward feed

Inverter controlled

Blade rotation

Inverter controlled

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