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Founded in 1918, Paolino Bacci is one of the oldest and most respected woodworking machinery manufacturers in Italy and in the world.
founded in 1918

Originally a manufacturer of classical woodworking machines, our Company began to specialize in the production of machinery for the solid wood industry, and for chair manufacturing in particular, in the 1950’s. At about the same time, a specific geographic area of Italy gained international recognition for specializing in the manufacture of chairs. We were able to complement this specialization by continuously introducing many different types of machines but always marked by innovation and advanced performance.

Paolino Bacci has remained at the forefront of engineering ingenuity, and this has been borne out by the significant number of international patents held by the Company, as well as the large range of machines that have been manufactured. In addition, pre-owned Bacci machines have easily retained their value because of performance reliability and stability. Efficient and precise after-sale service has been acknowledged by buyers of both new and pre-owned Bacci machines.

Constantly anticipating the technical and manufacturing requirements of the end-user, our Company has recently developed a complete line of 5-axis, and higher, CNC Machining Centers, all equipped with the highest level of technical solutions and operating software. This new line of equipment has wide applications—from the manufacturing of chairs, tables, and furniture components to the machining of plastic and aluminum pieces. The wide range of CNC Machining Centers, as well as our availability to customize, if required, and/or to study specific applications places us in an unrivaled position in this market.

Paolino Bacci has earned worldwide respect and confidence from our customers because we have maintained a consistent level of quality and excellence for almost 100 years!

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